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Liberate Laundry Liquid 5Lt

Liberate Laundry Liquid 5Lt

CleanMaster Liberate Laundry Liquid 5Lt
LIBERATE is a liquid laundry detergent for domestic and light industrial laundering by hand or machine washing. Being a liquid it instantly dissolves in wash without leaving behind abrasive lumps to damage fabrics or machines.
LIBERATE is formulated from a combination of alkali builders, water conditioners emulsifiers, optical brigheners and soil suspending agents. It is recommended to always test fabrics for colour fastness. Never soak non fast colours, silk or wool.

Areas of use include Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Institutions, Household Machines, Hotels & Motels, Commercial Laundries, Convalescent Homes and On-Premise Laundries.

Use only as directed - keep out of reach of children

Liberate Laundry Liquid 5Lt
Price: $23.05 +gst

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