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OrcaGel Hand Sanitiser - Carton

OrcaGel Hand Sanitiser - Carton

75% Alcohol content This is the active sanitising ingredient and is more effective than most other products on the market with only 60-70% alcohol content.
Contains Aloe Extract this has a moisturising effect and is kinder to skin.
Supplied as a 500ml pump bottle User friendly size for most users.
Exceeds specification requirements for use in healthcare/agedcare.

Packaging Specification
12 x 500ml pump bottles per carton.

Anywhere where soap and water is not easily accessible
Dispense 5-10ml of gel onto palm of your hand and spread over both hands
Do not rinse.
Ensure the entire area of both hands have been treated.
Allow hands to dry
OrcaGel Hand Sanitiser - Carton
Price: $119.76 +gst

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